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VCash Pay (VCP) Advancing Digital Payment in the Modern World

VCash Pay (VCP) Advancing Digital Payment in the Modern World


The pandemic has shifted the whole world to go virtual. Online payments are in progress more than ever. As the popularity of digital money grows, so do fraudulent sources.
VCash Pay (VCP), is a decentralized secure digital money that is mainly focused on repairing the limitations that exist in the financial systems today. VCP is sustainable and upgrades according to the current needs. It is fairly simple to pay with, especially for those who are new to the digital world. It is 100% safe and secure and open to all, owing to a more equal world.
It has a considerably low transaction fee which is a practical feature to choose VCP for digital payments. VCash Pay is an all in all digital/virtual money. It does not require mining, printing or minting like cryptos and cash. It is specifically designed and programmed for person-to-person transfer with a very low fee or value. By being the most accessible digital money, VCP connects the world and the global economy. A transaction using VCP is 100x faster than traditional currency and it has absolutely no fuss in the system in terms of formalities.
Its feeless transaction lets users access the benefits of powerful and efficient digital money. Most importantly, VCash Pay is eco-friendly. No trees are cut in the making of it. In the case of mining, other firms are known to use dangerously heavy machinery that has an adverse impact on the environment. VCP resolves this problem by relying on a lightweight and efficient consensus protocol called proof of stake that uses minimum energy. VCP is as instant as it is virtual. Whether it is to buy groceries or to transfer money overseas, VCP does it in seconds. It also reduces the amount approval stages as in credit card or bank payments.
VCP is a holistic payment system with versatile transaction types with a wide range of features.
Media Contacts:
Website – https://vcashpay.com/
Email – admin@vcashpay.com
Telegram – @vcashpaygroup
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