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EBM Avenue: A Gateway to Eco-Friendly Mining and Exciting Rewards

EBM Avenue: A Gateway to Eco-Friendly Mining and Exciting Rewards

The importance of innovation and sustainability is paramount in the constantly changing cryptocurrency landscape. EBM Avenue is at the forefront of this revolution, providing distinctive opportunities for investors and community members through eco-friendly mining practices, enticing discounts, and versatile token utilities. This article explores the multifaceted benefits of owning $EBM tokens and the thrilling future that lies ahead.

Eco-Friendly Mining: A Sustainable Approach

The idea is to transform the Cryptocurrency mining industry with EBM Avenue, whose innovation is based on advanced technology and sustainability. Conventional mining encounters hurdles such as high energy demands and environmental impacts. EBM Avenue has solved these problems by using renewable sources of energy and up-to-date hardware, which will minimize carbon emissions while at the same time increasing mining productivity. 

Overall, the mining operations adopted our business principles by setting higher standards for efficiency and sustainability. The use of artificial intelligence in optimizing and revenue-flipping mechanisms of EBM Avenue guarantees mining profitability while at the same time supporting and practicing sustainable mining. This commitment to green energy not only helps the condition of the earth but also promotes EBM Avenue as a socially responsible mining company.

Loyalty Incentives For $EBM Token Investors 

The peculiarity of EBM Avenue is the Swap4Less and Stake4More programs, which will offer significant value to $EBM tokens. Such programs provide simple ways to buy cryptocurrencies for a cheaper price and secure high staking rates. 

  1. Crypto Discounts: Depending on their holding levels, EBM token holders can enjoy reduced rates of 0.1-10% when using the Swap4Less feature. This feature enhances EBM tokens’ utility and value delivery, making them a valuable asset for investors.
  2. Staking Rewards: The Stake4More program allows the community to stake EBM tokens for higher discount levels and token rewards. This aligns the community’s interests with the project’s growth, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment.
  3. Payment Method: The EBM tokens can be utilized in the ecosystem to swap at Swap4Less for the cryptocurrencies the project mines as a transaction fee. This adds another utility layer to the tokens, making them an integral part of the ecosystem.
  4. Token Burning: EBM tokens accumulated via the Swap4Less fee will be periodically burned alongside buybacks and burns in the future. This helps maintain token value, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Extending Token Functionality in Web3 Integrated Games 

EBM Avenue is ready to bring the use of $EBM tokens to the next level in gaming and esports games. Plans are also in place to integrate with gaming platforms to make the $EBM tokens acceptable modes of payment within Web 3-integrated games. Such expansion gives gamers, cryptocurrency users, and lovers many opportunities. 

Possibility of everyday items such as in-game inventory, boosts, and level ups can be purchased by spending $EBM tokens. This integration makes transactions faster and improves the game’s identity by offering the players the best payment method. Partnering with gaming and esports also proves that EBM Avenue is all set to take the best out of blockchain to a new level.

Community Benefits

EBM Avenue is not just about crypto mining; it’s about building a community. The EBM Tokenomics model is designed to foster community benefits:

Staking: 6% of the total token supply is allocated as regular staking rewards to incentivize early investors even before the start of operations. This is exclusive to pre-sale participants, making the pre-sale a golden opportunity.

Airdrops: 1% of the total token supply is allocated to the community for the airdrops. This ensures that the community shares in the benefits of the project’s success.

Transparency: The Tokenomics model values transparency, fairness, and value creation, making the tokens invaluable assets within the ecosystem and beyond.

Regular Staking Option: The regular staking option during the pre-sale period rewards early supporters and fosters a sense of community, driving long-term value creation and sustainability for all stakeholders.

EBM Avenue: A Gateway to Eco-Friendly Mining and Exciting Rewards

A Vision for the Future 

 Their roadmap gives EBM Avenue a framework that can support long-term growth and continual innovation. The token sale, commencing with the ITO to DEX creation and BlockDAG technology integration stages, is all systematically designed for sustainable growth. 

  • Phase 1 comprises forming a primary team and assessing the market potential, smart contact audits, and KYC which are critical for the token sale, and the project’s future progress. 
  • Phase 2 is focused on infrastructure building and the commencement of mining operations, with an increased focus on marketing , DEX, and CEX listings. 
  • In phase 3, the DEX platform is introduced, offering added-value swaps for the token at cheaper rates. It also cooperates with other DEX platforms to cut transaction costs. 
  • Phase 4 involves the expansion of mining globally alongside the integration of community-based projects. 
  • Phase 5, BlockDAG technology is implemented, making it possible to mine multiple cryptocurrencies. 
  • Phase 6 is a long-term pursuit of sustainable improvement strategies and constantly searching for mining methods and technology improvements.

Final Words

EBM Avenue is not just a cryptocurrency-promoting platform but a call to a new direction for a more sustainable world for everyone. Every decision EBM Avenue makes, from adopting environmentally sustainable methods in mining activities, providing premium discounts to $EBM token holders, and venturing into using tokens to access the gaming platform, marks a new shift in the crypto marketplace. 

Let us begin this life-changing venture. Whether you’re an investor, a gamer, or a crypto lover, EBM Avenue has opened the door to involvement in the future’s decentralized ecosystem. Invest in $EBM tokens and be a part of the promising ecosystem and a perfect member of our proactive community. In unison, it is possible to build the future of blockchain technology and create a positive impact together.

For more information:

Website: https://EBMAvenue.io

Twitter: https://x.com/EBMAvenue

Telegram: https://t.me/EBMAvenue

BLOCX. Announces Launch of Comprehensive All-in-One Web3 Solutions Platform

BLOCX. Announces Launch of Comprehensive All-in-One Web3 Solutions Platform

Tallinn, Estonia, June 24, 2024  – BLOCX. Technologies has announced the launch of its comprehensive Web3 solutions platform, aimed at enhancing security and efficiency in digital computing. BLOCX. offers a range of integrated services designed to meet diverse user needs, consolidating multiple tools into a single ecosystem.

BLOCX. introduces four primary products: B. Desktop, B.TXT, B. Marketplace, and B. Guard, each addressing different aspects of digital management.

BLOCX. Announces Launch of Comprehensive All-in-One Web3 Solutions Platform

B.Desktop serves as the core product, functioning as an all-in-one computer manager. It is currently available for Windows and includes features such as malware protection, system optimization, VPN services, AI assistance, remote access, and a password vault. Users can manage all these tools through a non-custodial wallet, aligning with BLOCX’s decentralization principle. The full suite is expected to be released by the end of 2024, with many features already accessible and free to use.

BLOCX. Announces Launch of Comprehensive All-in-One Web3 Solutions Platform

B.TXT is a decentralized messaging platform that enables peer-to-peer communication without a central authority, ensuring privacy and security beyond standard end-to-end encryption. Features include SHA256-bit secure encryption, wallet connect, and the ability to send crypto within chats. A web version is available, with a full mobile suite expected to launch soon.

BLOCX. Announces Launch of Comprehensive All-in-One Web3 Solutions Platform

B. Marketplace offers a distributed computing marketplace accessible via a non-custodial wallet. This marketplace allows users to rent or access computing power with ease, even without technical knowledge. BLOCX. plans to integrate with nuco.cloud, enhancing earning potential by enabling dual-platform rentals from a single interface. The B. Marketplace is set to launch shortly, facilitating the renting of computing resources for various applications, including rendering and machine learning.

BLOCX. Announces Launch of Comprehensive All-in-One Web3 Solutions Platform

B.Guard extends the capabilities of B. Desktop to mobile devices, providing features such as malware protection, system optimization, password vaults, remote access, VPN services, and a crypto wallet. B. Guard is anticipated to be available by the end of 2024.

In a move to support decentralization, BLOCX. will transition its mining algorithm from X11 to Autolykos2, the GPU-minable algorithm used by ERGO. This change aims to democratize the mining process, allowing users with GPUs to participate, preventing centralization by large ASIC miners. This algorithm shift supports the upcoming launch of B. Marketplace, where users can rent out their GPUs for various tasks.

BLOCX’s marketplace is designed to be user-friendly, offering two methods for adding machines: an automated client for easy setup and a manual method for headless or terminal-operated devices. The automated client allows users to allocate CPU, GPU, and storage resources with minimal technical knowledge, while the manual method caters to users with more extensive setups, such as mining farms. BLOCX ensures that devices remain listed even if their IP addresses change during the rental period, maintaining seamless operation.

Additionally, BLOCX is developing a bridge with Nuco.Cloud, allowing users to maximize their earning potential by renting devices on both platforms simultaneously. This integration underscores BLOCX’s commitment to providing flexible and profitable solutions for its community.

Desktop version the backbone of BLOCX. also provides a range of other features and services to enhance the user experience, including:

  • Malware Protection: Comprehensive malware detection and removal system with various scan options.
  • Device Health: System optimizer, automatic driver updates, battery saver, and afterburner mode.
  • Internet Services: Safe browser and VPN services.
  • AI Assistant: Tools like ChatBOT, scam detector, contract scanner, and website scanner.
  • Remote Access: Capability to connect to and control digital resources across devices.
  • Password Vault: Secure storage and management of user credentials.
  • Integrated Wallet: Decentralized platform for managing and safeguarding cryptocurrencies.
  • Cloud Services: Rent decentralized cloud storage or create personalized cloud storage by mounting storage from multiple devices.

BLOCX. also provides a mobile wallet for managing digital assets on the go and supports decentralized messaging through B.TXT, which includes features like voice and video calls, text-to-voice conversion, message translations, and currency swapping.

Company is registered in Tallinn, Estonia, and aims to enhance the Web3 and blockchain sectors through innovative digital solutions. The company’s comprehensive suite of tools is designed to simplify and secure the digital lives of its users.


BLOCX. is a digital solutions provider based in Tallinn, Estonia, specializing in digital life management tools and services for the Web3 industry. BLOCX’s mission is to enhance security, efficiency, and user experience through comprehensive, decentralized solutions.

For more information, visit: 

Website: https://blocx.tech/ 

Medium: https://medium.com/@BLOCX 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BLOCX_TECH 

Discord: https://discord.gg/blocx 

Telegram: https://t.me/BLOCX_TECH

SolidViolet Announcing Forthcoming Exchange to Address Compliance and Liquidity Issues in DeFi and RWAs

SolidViolet Announcing Forthcoming Exchange to Address Compliance and Liquidity Issues in DeFi and RWAs

[Palo Alto, CA – May 16, 2024] – Dinari today announced the upcoming release of a new compliant exchange, SolidViolet. Teased on stage last week at TokenizeThis, Dinari is setting up a separate entity to launch the new protocol. The underlying compliant trading solution that SolidViolet offers will be coupled with features to aggregate and fund Real World Asset (RWA) liquidity on chain for a variety of issuer partners.

In addition to the announcement of the new protocol, SolidViolet announced the release of a staking contract for early investors to deposit Lido Staked Ethereum (stETH) and mainnet to receive SolidViolet’s native token upon token launch in Fall 2024. Investors who participate in the first week of staking will receive a 2x boosted rate for their deposits. The staking pool is available at solidviolet.com.

Among SolidViolet’s core features are solutions for perpetual futures trading, allowing investors to take positions previously available, leveraging Dinari dShares and a number of other partner assets. Additionally, SolidViolet will seek to set up a number of mechanisms to tangibly support issuer liquidity. This will include tooling to allow for issuers to control the circulation of their assets to ensure regulatory compliance, and a user centric KYC flow for investors to open access to as many assets and markets as possible, as seamlessly as possible.

Dinari CEO Gabriel Otte stated, “for SolidViolet, utility isn’t just a feature, it’s the foundation. A tokenized asset only gains true power when it can be compliantly used across the DeFi. We’re proud to be bringing SolidViolet to market to enable RWA issuers to bring their assets on chain, and provide institutions with a legitimate path to participate in the future of finance.”

The infrastructure for SolidViolet has been in ongoing development for over a year, built by founders (with multibillion dollar exits) and executives from Crunchyroll, LegalZoom, Freenome, and a number of other unicorn tech companies and Fortune 500 enterprises. The SolidViolet protocol is currently raising funding via a private sale and securing initial go to market partners, including many of top RWA protocols. A public pre-sale and public sale are scheduled for this Summer 2024, with Protocol Launch and IDO slated Fall 2024


About SolidViolet:

SolidViolet is a blockchain-based exchange focused on optimizing liquidity and accessibility of Real-World Assets. The platform prioritizes compliance, security, and liquidity to create a robust and efficient marketplace for issuers and investors within the DeFi landscape.

Follow us on Twitter, and join our community to learn more about SolidViolet’s solutions for the RWA market:



This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to sell, subscribe to, or buy any securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. No offer of securities shall be made except by means of a prospectus meeting the requirements of Section 10 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or other written materials that meet the requirements of the applicable securities laws of any other jurisdiction, or an applicable exemption therefrom.

Media Kit

SolidViolet Media Kit (Q2 2024)


For Media Inquiries:

Matthew Eisner

Head of Product & Growth – SolidViolet & Dinari

Email: [email protected]

US: +1 404 312 6583

UK: +44 7523 506891


AUTOS partners with GPT Plus to democratize blockchain

AUTOS partners with GPT Plus to democratize blockchain

AUTOS, a blockchain-based platform that facilitates transactions between freelancers and employers, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with global platform GPT Plus to popularize blockchain.

AUTOS is a blockchain-based platform that facilitates matching between freelancers and employers, providing an efficient and reliable transaction environment. The platform brings fairness to the labor market by introducing a system that accurately evaluates freelancers and their skills and efforts and rewards them appropriately.

GPT Plus provides efficient services by providing artificial intelligence AI to people and is expanding into the metaverse.

GPT Plus has partnered with a number of blockchain companies, including REI Network, which is listed on Binance, to introduce the broader blockchain ecosystem to the public.

Through this partnership, the two companies will work together to popularize blockchain and expand the ecosystem.

“Through this partnership, GPT Plus’ powerful artificial intelligence AI technology infrastructure and GPT Plus’ metaverse will solidify the technical infrastructure of AUTOS and provide greater accessibility to the public,” said the AUTOS team. He said

Starting with this partnership, the AUTOS team plans to partner with more blockchain companies to secure technology and build a global network.

Use quantitative trading to increase your passive income – earn 1,000+ per day

Use quantitative trading to increase your passive income – earn 1,000+ per day

Passive income is one of the best ways to boost your earnings during this upcoming crypto bull market, allowing you to enhance your portfolio while doing minimal work in the process.

The crypto market presents many unique ways to earn a passive income. Whether through revenue sharing, passive staking, airdrops, liquidity provision, or fees earned, there are hundreds of ways to make a passive income with blockchain technology.

In this article, we’ve found some of the best passive income streams in crypto and outlined how to invest money to get started earning a passive income.This time, we’ll explore how ValueZone can increase your passive income through quantitative trading.


ValueZone, an artificial intelligence-driven quantitative trading service brand from London, announced the launch of a global multi-lingual artificial intelligence quantitative trading system in 2017. As a brand deeply influenced by this innovative spirit, ValueZone is committed to building an international cryptocurrency quantitative trading ecosystem. The platform not only engages in cross-border cooperation and technology sharing in terms of technology and strategy, but also aims to provide open, interconnected, and efficient artificial intelligence quantitative trading solutions to global users.

2.understanding quantitative trading

Quantitative traders harness modern technology, mathematical models, and extensive data sets to make informed trading decisions in the cryptocurrency realm.

In the world of cryptocurrency, imagine a quantitative trader developing a model to predict the price movement of a specific digital asset, say Bitcoin. They collect vast amounts of historical market data, including price movements, trading volumes, and other relevant factors. Through sophisticated mathematical analysis, they identify patterns and correlations within this data.

For instance, let’s say the trader’s model identifies a pattern where whenever Bitcoin’s price increases by 5% within a 24-hour period, there’s an 80% chance that it will experience a subsequent 3% decrease in the following 12 hours. This pattern is consistent across historical data.

Similar to the crypto analogy, the quantitative trader backtests this model on historical cryptocurrency market data. If, for example, in 80 out of 100 instances, the pattern accurately predicts the price movement, the trader can have confidence in its effectiveness.

Once validated, the trader implements this model in real-time cryptocurrency markets using actual capital. When the model detects conditions aligning with the identified pattern, it automatically executes trades, buying or selling Bitcoin accordingly.

In essence, quantitative trading in the cryptocurrency domain involves leveraging mathematical models and historical data to forecast price movements and execute trades with a calculated level of confidence.

How ValueZone’s Bots Simplify Crypto Trading

 ValueZone simplifies crypto trading for investors by freeing them up from the need to constantly monitor markets thus enabling them live their lives normally without necessarily missing out on significant market moves. These robots execute orders automatically depending with specific conditions prevailing in a particular exchange at any given time and always stick religiously according set plan irrespective what may be happening within that particular sector sentiment-wise The platform features several unique types of bots: 

  • Moon Bots: These bots adjust their trading parameters in real-time based on cryptocurrency price movements to maximize grid profits. 
  • Grid Bots: They work within predefined price ranges, making automatic buys and sells to capitalize on normal market volatility. 
  • Rebalancing Bots: These ensure that the portfolio stays diversified according to the investor’s initial strategy, adapting as needed to market shifts. 

7 Easy Steps to Get Started at ValeZone.Ai

To get started at ValueZone for cryptocurrency trading, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up Get $50 Welcome Bnous: Create a ValueZone account by providing basic information and setting up your login details.
  2. Get Crypto Accounts: Open accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets like Binance, Coinbase Exchange, Bybit, KuCoin, OKX, Trust Wallet, IMToken, etc.
  3. Deposit Funds:Deposit funds into your ValueZone account for transactions. ValueZone does not use APIs to authorize transactions, which contributes to the security of user assets and avoids theft of funds.
  4. Understand Profit: ValueZone’s trading plans offer fixed profits, so you know what to expect without worrying about potential losses.
  5. Choose Plan: Pick a trading plan that suits your investment goals and risk tolerance from the options provided by ValueZone.
  6. Monitor and Manage: Keep an eye on how your chosen plan performs. Adjust your strategy or switch plans if needed. Withdraw profits or reinvest them based on your goals and market conditions.
  7. Withdraw Profits: Once you’ve made profits, withdraw them to your crypto accounts for further use or convert them to fiat currency if you prefer.

By following these steps, you can effectively use ValueZone for cryptocurrency trading and potentially benefit from its automated strategies.

Trade crypto with ValueZone.ai

Bitcoin recently reached a 2024 high amid the continued popularity of cryptocurrencies – and the multi-award-winning ValueZone is the ideal way to access this market. Trade on an innovative and supremely user-friendly platform with 75+ technical tools, comprehensive educational materials, 24/7 support, and more.

For more information:please visit:www.ValueZone.ai

DiamCircle Announces DIAM Airdrop Campaign: A Total Reward Pool of 2 Million DIAM Coins and $2500 USDT 

DiamCircle Announces DIAM Airdrop Campaign: A Total Reward Pool of 2 Million DIAM Coins and $2500 USDT 

Abu Dhabi, UAE – May 06, 2024 DiamCircle, a pioneer in offering proprietary blockchain infrastructure, Diamante Net to build dApps, announces a total reward pool of 2 Million DIAM airdrop campaign and $2500 USDT. The campaign aims to reward the DIAM community for their loyalty, support and engagement while fostering the adoption of DIAM coins. 

The DIAM airdrop campaign is open to all participants worldwide until May 31, 2024—who complete all the respective tasks outlined by the DiamCircle. Upon successfully completing the tasks, eligible participants will win DIAMs allocated from the total reward pool of 2 Million DIAM coins and selected to receive $2500 USDT. 

“We are excited to launch the airdrop campaign to our dynamic community as a token of appreciation for their support and effort, said Lalit Choudhary, Chief Marketing Officer of DiamCircle. “We aim to strengthen our community and encourage new users to join our ecosystem and utilize the benefits of DIAM coins,” he added. 

The DIAM airdrop campaign is part of activities to engage with the community, create awareness and drive the adoption of our blockchain project, globally. By incentivizing participation, DiamCircle aims to strengthen our vibrant community that contributes to the success of our project. 

To take part in the DIAM airdrop campaign and win exciting rewards, visit: https://twitter.com/diam_stack/status/1781554659628380411.

For any media queries, contact 

Name: Lalit Choudhary 

Title: Chief Marketing Officer 

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: +91 9833103731 

Telegram: @oldmonnk86 

Website URL: www.diamanteblockchain.com | www.diamcircle.com | www.paycircle.io

About DiamCircle 

DiamCircle offers a potent infrastructure, Diamante Net, optimized for scalability, interoperability, and sustainability. With DiamCircle, developers can develop cutting-edge decentralized applications (dApps) using this underlying technology. DiamCircle provides solutions for a wide range of applications, whether it is a new DeFi protocol or end-to-end product traceability for the supply chain industry. 

DIAM is the Diamante ecosystem’s native digital asset, built to be stable, practical, secure, and accessible. It gives users a reliable way to transact within the ecosystem on top of its proprietary blockchain network, Diamante Net, for secure and low-cost transfers. 

With DIAM, users can participate in platform governance and access exclusive services. DIAM aims to be an inclusive and sustainable asset that brings value and responsibility to the Diamante community.

Scarcity Token Renewed as Desoc Social Media Platform

Scarcity Token Renewed as Desoc Social Media Platform

The Scarcity token has been rebranded as the DESOC platform, a decentralized social media platform.

It was designed and developed to solve the problems inherent in existing centralized social applications and media by creating social media without a centralized entity. 


The advantage of decentralized social media is that it solves the problems of existing centralized services.

Centralized entities like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and others control the majority of revenue, information, and advertising.

Decentralized social media services, on the other hand, put data and revenue in the hands of users, and users become the problem solvers.

The renewed Scarcity token was then listed on 10 global exchanges simultaneously.

With this renewal, Scarcity Token is taking an evolutionary strategy to build a stronger platform and community growth. With active input from community members, the platform will be rolled out with a variety of additional features and benefits to provide a better experience for users.

The Scarcity team is committed to the continued growth of the platform and community. Through user-centered service delivery and transparent communication, the Scarcity token is expected to build a more active and developed ecosystem.

Solvent.app Launches Revolutionary AI-Enhanced Bot Network on Solana Blockchain with Ongoing $SOLV Token Presale

Solvent.app Launches Revolutionary AI-Enhanced Bot Network on Solana Blockchain with Ongoing $SOLV Token Presale

April 15, 2024 – [Victoria, Seychelles] – Solvent.app, an innovative blockchain protocol, has officially announced the launch of its AI-enhanced, bot-driven revenue generation system on the Solana blockchain. The groundbreaking network is powered by sophisticated sniper bots designed to execute high-speed, precise transactions to capitalize on market opportunities, enhancing profitability for its participants. Alongside the launch, Solvent.app is also excited to announce the ongoing presale of its native token, $SOLV.

$SOLV is at the heart of Solvent.app’s ecosystem, with the protocol distributing 75% of all profits generated by its bot network directly to token holders. This rewarding structure ensures a sustainable and lucrative investment for all stakeholders. The remaining 25% of profits are reinvested into the protocol to support infrastructure, management, and strategic marketing efforts.

“Investing in Solvent.app and the $SOLV token means more than just owning a digital asset,” said a spokesman for Solvent.app. “It’s about becoming part of a community committed to mutual success, sustainability, and substantial growth. Our sniper bot network gives $SOLV holders a unique edge in a competitive market,” they added.

The $SOLV token has a maximum supply of 1 million tokens and is notably exempt from transaction taxes, promoting a frictionless trading experience. The token presale is a prime opportunity for early adopters to participate in this venture at an initial stage.

Solvent.app was initially funded by the visionary VNTR DAO community and has garnered substantial support from DeFiMarketing.org, positioning it for success in the decentralized finance landscape.

Interested parties are encouraged to learn more about Solvent.app and the $SOLV token by accessing the following resources:

About Solvent.app

Solvent.app is a cutting-edge, AI-driven financial technology platform built on the Solana blockchain. It leverages a network of sniper bots to perform rapid and precise transactions, maximizing profitability and efficiency. Solvent.app aims to foster a thriving community of investors who are keen on leveraging blockchain technology for sustainable and profitable returns.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kostin Clemons

[email protected]

$BWLD token’s IDO closes within seconds with massive demand.

$BWLD token’s IDO closes within seconds with massive demand.

Bowled’s highly anticipated $BWLD token IDO has left the crypto community buzzing with enthusiasm. Hosted on two renowned launchpads, DAO Maker and GameFi, the IDO saw an overwhelming response from the community, global retail investors, KOLs and institutional investors, marking a significant milestone for the project.

The public round on DAO Maker witnessed an astonishing 86.1x oversubscription, with deposits worth $5.1M in USDT and 3.7M in $DAO tokens. On GameFi, the First Come First Serve (FCFS) round sold out within an incredible 12 seconds, underscoring the immense demand for Bowled’s BWLD token.

Akshay Khandelwal, Co-Founder of Bowled, says, “It’s honestly great to see such an overwhelming response within and outside our community. It’s most likely a function of our team, which has been building dedicatedly for almost three years, and our community, who’ve been constantly supporting us. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long journey of building world-class products ahead of us, so we are staying sharp without losing focus.”

So, what makes Bowled’s $BWLD token so promising and captivating? Headquartered in Singapore, Bowled is a sports-tech enterprise that seamlessly blends sports and gaming, offering users unique and fun fan engagement solutions for IP holders. Their first platform, Bowled.io, having secured IP licenses of 900+ international players, launched in 2022 for cricket fans, has 150K+ active users with 50K daily transactions. They’ve built a massive on-ground and online community over the past few years. 

They’ve secured funding for an undisclosed amount from institutional and angel investors. They are backed by Axie Infinity’s Sky Mavis Team, YGG and other industry giants. Looking ahead, Bowled has an ambitious roadmap that outlines its plans for growth and expansion. They plan to launch a platform for MMA in the upcoming quarters, followed by other sports such as football, basketball, tennis and F1.

$BWLD tokens are minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will be listed on 27th March on Gate.io and several other exchanges. The crypto community expects a lot of value creation through $BWLD tokens as Bowled launches new platforms for other sports. 

For more information about Bowled and its $BWLD token, visit the official website and join their community on social media channels.

Website: www.bowled.io

App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bowled.Bowled  

Whitepaper: https://bowled-io.gitbook.io/bowled.io-white-paper/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bowleddotio

Discord: https://discord.gg/DB23M6bx4v

Newsletter: https://bowleddotio.substack.com/

Email: [email protected]

With 950,000 New Users in 30 Days, Web3 Social Infrastructure UXLINK Surpasses 3 Million Certified Users

With 950,000 New Users in 30 Days, Web3 Social Infrastructure UXLINK Surpasses 3 Million Certified Users

Web3 Social Infrastructure UXLINK innovatively develops rapidly through the “Real World Social” and “Group” modes, and in only 10 months since the project was launched, it has covered nearly 6 million users, entered nearly 80,000 groups, and the number of certified users has exceeded 3 million, of which 950,000 certified users were added in the past 30 days. 

More than 3 million users, including 950,000 new certified users in the past 30 days, which fully verifies the high efficiency of this mode of communication and high growth rate. Of the 950,000 new authenticated users in the past 30 days, more than 940,000 came from the “Link to Earn” protocol, during which a total of 55,376 Linkers participated in, with an average of 17 new users invited per person, proving the “trust and growth efficiency” brought by “Real World Social”. 

Meanwhile, UXLINK allows users to mint their social graphs on the blockchain through UX SBT and UX Graph, and smoothly transfer their social relationships on Web2 SNS to social assets on Web3 blockchain.

In the group mode, UXLINK launched the UXGroup protocol with Group Bound Account (GBA) concept to help each group owner provide on-chain asset-based management for their groups. 

In order to enhance the experience of new users interacting with the Web3 protocol and to reflect the Real-World Social, UXLINK adopts the “One-Account Strategy” – a social account, i.e., a Web3 identity account, through which other Web3 infrastructure services such as: multi-wallet and cross-chain services can be bundled and managed. UXLINK has adopted the “One-Account Strategy” – a social account, i.e. a Web3 identity account, through which it can bind and manage other Web3-based services such as multi-wallet and cross-chain ERC20 and ERC721 token assets.

According to the UXLINK community, in the future, UXLINK Protocol will be opened up to more developers and eco-partners – such as GameFi and DFi – and will provide infrastructure services for Web3 Developers and Dapps based on different social scenarios (e.g. WhatsApps, Facebook, etc.).

Web: https://uxlink.io/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/UXLINKofficial

Telegram : https://t.me/uxlinkofficial2

Odyssey: https://dapp.uxlink.io/quest 


Contact Information:



[email protected]