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Mystery Coin Launches Mystery Father On July 1

Mystery Coin Launches Mystery Father On July 1

Mystery coin is an ecosystem that contains multiple coins within itself with a shared tokenomics. Each coin in this ecosystem is interlinked and the functioning of one affects the other. So far, this coin has had two releases. The Mystery Brother and the Mystery Sister. Mystery Brother performed 300x on release and sister did 100x. 

As the mystery platform has multiple coins, one coin can help another one in times of crisis and thus the investors can have complete trust and not have their money go to waste. 

To walk down memory lane, Mystery Sister was released with a mega burning scheme. The Mystery family had a smart plan to dramatically increase the value of the sister coin by decreasing the supply. The sister coin also burned 2% of the brother coin with every transaction. 

With the Mystery Brother Coin, one can just hold a certain amount of coin and earn because of its relatively high reflection percentage. This way, the more one holds the more one earns and thus encourages people to hold more. By holding more, the investors are not only gaining from the redistribution of the transaction fee but are also recipients of the numerous mutual benefits from Mystery’s other coins like the father or the sister. 

To get one’s hands on the Mystery Father that will launch on July 1, 50B (50,000,000,000) of MysteryBrother (MYS) is needed and will also be needed in order to join the fair launch. The Mystery family encourages one to purchase 70B (70,000,000,000) to calculate the taxes. 

Mystery Father has the characteristic of both his son and daughter by having fair systems of reflection and burn. When the Mystery Sister and Mystery Brother performed extremely well by solely being for burning and reflecting, Mystery Father is expected to soar high with both the traits in one. The Mystery Father will have 7% Burn, 7% Reflection, 5% Marketing, 3% Auto Liquidity and 3% Family Savings. Do not miss the chance on Mystery Father as this can be phenomenal. 

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Website –  https://www.mysterycoin.family/

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