Home Crypto Lucky Maneki Community Reveals New Line of NFT Collectibles on Times Square Billboard

Lucky Maneki Community Reveals New Line of NFT Collectibles on Times Square Billboard

Lucky Maneki Community Reveals New Line of NFT Collectibles on Times Square Billboard

Lucky Maneki Brand, a Collection of NFTs Modeled After Japanese Beckoning Cats, Has Just Released a New Line to Add to “The Luckiest NFTs on the Blockchain”
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2021 / The Lucky Maneki Community is introducing the newest addition to the Maneki Family, 11,358 newly minted Maneki Gang Avatars. To showcase this new collection, the largest, highest quality billboard on Times Square was launched this past Labor Day. The Maneki Gang Avatars were designed to be “Profile Pictures” for users to add to their social media. Each new Maneki Gang NFT has 8 different traits: the background, skin, eyes, mouth, hat, collar, clothes, and paw.
Though this will be Lucky Maneki Community’s first-ever billboard promotion, it is only the newest in a list of recent events. The Maneki Gang Reveal Party was hosted on Discord on the day of the reveal of the new collection. Weeks before the launch, they collaborated with BroadcastersNFT to help promote the launch. They were even featured on the Von_Schiller Live Stream and a few NBA Top Shot influencer YouTube channels for special giveaways. These events have brought thousands of new users to the Lucky Maneki Community Discord in the link below, and encourage new users to keep updated on that platform.
Released on August 30, 2021, the Maneki Gang joins 14,159 (a very lucky number) other Lucky Manekis in the legendary world of Luckeania. Modeled after a lucky Japanese cat figure, these magical creatures possess energies of good fortune and prosperity. Although each Maneki is unique, the first 40 introduced are known as “Epic” Manekis and carry the most amount of luck. The traits in these figures are aligned in perfect harmony: head, body, background, and accessories. Their ancestors inherit these traits through randomized mutations, making some Manekis rarer than others.
The Lucky Maneki Community chose the Times Square billboard to share their excitement with the NFT community and hopes to increase the unique owners of both collections, Lucky Maneki and Maneki Gang. Other long-term goals include setting up a Merchandise Shop, implementing the community DAO, launching new collections, and building a metaverse experience.
Buy Maneki Gang Collection on OpenSea.
Buy Lucky Maneki Collection on OpenSea.
About Lucky Maneki
Dubbed, “The luckiest NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain,” Lucky Maneki Brand is a collectible project that is grown and maintained by their decentralized worldwide community. Each member’s vote counts and each Lucky Maneki Brand NFT can increase the user’s stake in the DAO. Owning any Lucky Maneki Brand NFT also gives the user unlimited rights worldwide to license, copy, and display the purchased art in any way they choose. Finally, Lucky Maneki has a generous rewards structure based on exciting challenges.
Discord Link-https://discord.gg/luckymaneki
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Website – https://luckymaneki.com/
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