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$LEOTOKEN – We are Live on UNICRYPT! Passive Income, Rewards, NFT & LEOPAD

$LEOTOKEN – We are Live on UNICRYPT! Passive Income, Rewards, NFT & LEOPAD


Passive income is literally making money while sleeping. LEO brings an excellent system by which token holders will earn passive income with next gen DeFI, Frictionless yield farming and auto-liquidity generation protocol. Three functions happen with every single trade reflection, that is, one can gain profit by just holding the tokens longer with LP Acquisition and burn. These properties make the contract deflationary, thus increasing the long-term value of the $LEOTOKEN.
$$LEOTOKEN is tested and proven secure with anti-whale and anti-bot features. The platform has also been Audited. $LEOTOKEN’s liquidity will be locked on the Unicrypt network after the completion of the presale. All the tokens in the liquidity pools of $LEOTOKEN and BNB will be burned.
With $LEOTOKEN one can earn BNB (Binance Coin) without any friction. One just has to buy $LEOTOKEN and hold them to earn BNBs.
6% of sales proceeds contribute to the BNB pool and one just has to claim BNBs every day using the LEO app. There is a waiting period of one day before one can claim their BNB reward. This time will be increased if the holder adds more tokens while waiting for one circle.
4% of each transaction will be added to the liquidity. $LEOTOKEN’s automatic liquidity pool is in PancakeSwap and the token will always have a value because of the transaction fee.
1% of every transaction is distributed among the token holders. $LEOTOKEN is a deflating token and thus each trading action helps reduce the supply.
$LEOTOKEN is whale safe, from those who hold massive amounts of a cryptocurrency are called whales, the value of the token gets impacted drastically and hence LEO chose to bring in the anti-whale rule.
A holder cannot transact more than 1% of $LEOTOKEN. Those who transfer an amount of more than 1% will be taxed 17% and again, these will be added to the BNB pool.

LEO NFT – A Novel idea

LEO has taken a different approach towards NFT and it stands out from others by providing real utility, A NFT marketplace for not just digitalart / collections but also services to the NFT marketplace, such as mentorship, coaching, one on one meets, virtually or physically, ticketing, insurance, couponing for all business etc.
The NFT wing of LEO is still under development. It has a platform called variousartists.shop, which is for individuals who are independent artists with a platform to digitize their art and services, provides an extra source of income, getting them closer to financial freedom. The preference is mainly given to celebrities like actors, sportspersons, models and teachers.  Variousartists.shop will be launching in 6-8 weeks from the presale launch.
LoyalNFT.shop is another similar platform for B2B and B2C where users can sell their products and services using NFTs that are unique for each of them. This is more from a retailer’s perspective that also has royalty features. LEO will be working with corporates to digitize some of their services locked based on the timeline, usage, engagement etc. This will mainly cover travel, food, insurance and art.


There is an LEO launchpad which is an aggregation of different kinds of technologies, systems, interfaces and deals that are associated with the crypto market. The LEOPAD which is powered by $$LEOTOKEN is an igniter for crypto projects and that will include activities ranging from events, charities, apps and many more. LEOPAD will be launched at the end of this year. It works on Binance-based smart contracts for services that use the token. LEO users can use this platform to contribute and exercise their projects which will, in turn, earn revenue to the $$LEOTOKEN holders. Revenues/Taxes from the NFT marketplaces and Launchpad are distributed to holders this will replenish the BNB and RFI pool, so holders always earn income.
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