Every cryptocurrency investor wants to know which cryptocurrency will x10000 next.

In the past times, we have witnessed memecoins like Shiba, Safemoon, Babydodge, and other memecoins skyrocket in value. Many of us benefited a lot from investing in these cryptocurrencies especially for some of us who invested at the earliest stage of their launching.

If you missed Safemoon or Babydodge or Shiba or other very important cryptocurrencies, then you don’t have to another rain of profits as Frog Inu ($FGI) has come as the safest place for long-term and short-term investors in the meme category. Frog Inu ($FGI) which guarantees great profit and safe investment is a meme token that rewards investors like you just for holding it. Also, the number of rewards you will receive will increase over time if you hold them longer.

How does this work?

Through the Frog Inu ($FGI) Passive Staking Rewards Strategy, holders of Frog Inu ($FGI) will automatic receive a distribution of the four (4%) percent of each transaction of the Frog Inu ($FGI) token. This way, holders of Frog Inu ($FGI) will receive rewards directly in their wallets without having to stake or farm on other platforms. This saves gas fees and allows for compounding with peace of mind guaranteed for holders.

Experienced investors are already shining the spotlight on Frog Inu ($FGI) as the next token on the line to x10000 thereby giving it the recognition that it truly deserves and you will regret not investing now.


Because right now is earlier than tomorrow. Successful and experienced cryptocurrency investors already understand this investment principle: Invest earlier, gain bigger profits. Invest late, gain small profits.

This is simply because, at the earliest stage of the launching of potentially great tokens like Frog Inu ($FGI), the price is cheaper so wise investors who invest at this time get to accumulate more tokens and wait patiently while it appreciates in value. This way, the more the token appreciates in value, the more profits they make from the investment.

What do you need to know about Frog Inu ($FGI)?

  1. Frog Inu ($FGI) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards for holders.
  2. It has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 FGI tokens with a circulating supply of 151,740,145,838,045 FGI tokens and a MarketCap of $2,099,143 as of the time of writing this report.
  3. It is the funniest frog on BSC! This means that people naturally love Frog Inu ($FGI) and as of the time of writing this report, Frog Inu ($FGI) boasts of 11,023 holders all of whom are part of the Frog Inu ($FGI) Army all of whom have confidence in the token.
  4. Frog Inu’s Smart Contract was professionally audited which confirmed that the token is safe for investors.

You Can Read The Full Audit Review Here.

  1. HotBit.io – the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform has opened the floodgates for more trading opportunities by listing Frog Inu ($FGI) on its Global Section to trade pairs with nUSD and as you already know this will expose $FGI to lots of investors from across the globe. This is in line with HotBit’s resolve to ensure high efficiency, flexibility, diversification, stability, and security for investors like you to make it big in the cryptocurrency space by serving as the Main Portal to the World’s Most Popular Projects.

Frog Inu ($FGI) is the biggest cryptocurrency project in 2022. The pump is inevitable, especially with the listing on www.hotbit.io and other major listing platforms.

You can find Frog in water 😊 and you can also locate it here for more information!

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