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AdsDax achieves 1372 cryptocurrency transactions per second on Hedera Hashgraph with Zee Entertainment Enterprises, Sets new industry record


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AdsDax, Hedera Hashgraph and Zee Entertainment Enterprises join forces to showcase a live, enterprise use-case for Distributed Ledger and Blockchain technologies
Swansea, UK —08 June — AdsDax, a decentralized advertising platform and marketplace to create, buy, verify, and sell advertising, has achieved over 1,300 cryptocurrency transactions per second (TPS) on Hedera Hashgraph’s enterprise grade distributed ledger. The announcement comes after AdsDax expanded the capacity of its infrastructure and began running large advertising campaigns in partnership with Zee Entertainment, one of India’s largest news networks. This is the first time that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has reached this volume in a live, commercial environment.
The advertising campaign conducted with Zee Entertainment in order to achieve this milestone involved real-time micropayments in cryptocurrency for each impression occurring on the ad network. Through the campaign, AdsDax has proved that it has capacity to offer real-time transactions of cryptocurrency to consumers for their engagement with advertising in the form of ‘micro-rewards’.
Talking about the achievement, Ian Mullins, AdsDax CEO, stated, “This record is a huge proof-point for our business model and showcases how AdsDax is leading the way in the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology in advertising. We are one step closer to our goal to pay micro-rewards to consumers for their time, data, and attention whilst surfing the internet.”
Mullins continued, “In reaching over 1300 tps, AdsDax, together with Zee Entertainment and Hedera Hashgraph, have proven we can deliver high throughput adtech and fintech solutions that require automation and data analysis across billions of consumer interactions every month. We reached over 1300tps and neither our platform nor the Hedera network flinched; we have the capacity to go even bigger.”
AdsDax has been growing rapidly, especially in India, since its beta release and has been working with massive ad agencies such as Havas Media, GroupM, and Isobar. This case study with Zee Entertainment highlights the positive impact of the AdsDax platform for publishers.
Discussing the impact of this achievement from a publisher perspective, Amit Qazi, Programmatic and Ad Operations Head at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd said, “We were amazed by the scalability and speed of the AdsDax platform. We have looked at the potential for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies to solve publisher pain-points such as payment, transparency, and accountability. AdsDax have built a system that can not only process all of our inventory in real-time, but also has the prospect of enabling real time payments for publishers. We look forward to continuing our partnership as Zee Entertainment Enterprises continues to innovate in the fields of content creation and monetisation.”
Working with Hedera Hashgraph, AdsDax has been tracking millions of live events from advertising in real-time, allowing advertisers and publishers to get real-time, consensus verified statistics directly from Hedera.
“Hedera was architected from the beginning to handle high throughput, low latency use cases such as mitigating ad fraud”, said Mance Harmon, CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera. “We are excited that AdsDax was able to prove to Zee Entertainment that the mainnet is ready for the types of high transaction volumes necessary to support their business goals.”
Ian Mullins concluded, “We are very happy with the success of our platform and the scale, speed, and stability we are currently achieving. We are continuing to build milestone after milestone, having recently consistently exceeded Ethereum’s combined daily transactions of all of its dApps and now becoming, to my knowledge, the highest throughput live use case for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. This is almost certainly a world record and a cause for celebration for everybody in crypto as we push for more enterprise uses of the technology and greater public adoption of cryptocurrencies.”
About Hedera
Hedera Hashgraph is a public distributed ledger for building decentralized applications. Developers can build secure, fair, blazing-fast decentralized applications on top of the Hedera platform. Dr. Leemon Baird, Hedera Hashgraph Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, and Mance Harmon, Co-founder and CEO of Hedera, patented the groundbreaking hashgraph technology after working together at the United States Air Force Academy and as founders of Trio Security, BlueWave Security, and Swirlds, Inc.
For more information, visit https://www.hedera.com, or follow us on Twitter at @hashgraph, Telegram at t.me/hashgraph, or Discord at https://www.hedera.com/discord The Hedera whitepaper can be found at https://www.hedera.com/whitepaper.
About AdsDax
The AdsDax vision for a new ecosystem is a unified platform that facilitates all aspects of digital advert creation,  campaign delivery,  traffic, and content verification and optimisation with transparent reporting and costs. The AdsDax platform allows all participants to benefit from the money that is currently wasted through middlemen and instead rewards consumers and incentivises participants to create more engaging and relevant ad experiences.
The founding team started as Yamgo, a mobile-oriented content provider that monetised video on mobile. At Yamgo, we saw the problems content owners had monetising their content. We evolved into AdSpruce and worked to solve the problems of monetisation for content owners, enabling them to monetise video and display inventory. Through AdSpruce, we developed an end-to-end video advertising platform, working with 25+ of the world’s top 100 Ad Age brands.
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