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$10 million Hunter plan to incubate ecological projects

$10 million Hunter plan to incubate ecological projects

Since the official launch of MDEX on January 19, 2021, with the support of more than 130+ high-quality partner projects, it has been running stably for more than half a year. During the operation period, the platform firmly upholds the principle of impartiality and openness of all information and sets the example in delivering secure, stable and continuous high growth.  As the world’s leading decentralized trading protocol, MDEX’s growth and expansion heavily rely on the construction and prosperity of the ecosystem.

In order to encourage community users to actively participate in MDEX community building, and further promote DAO governance, MDEX Foundation, as the main supporter and promoter of MDEX, officially announced the new ecological development program Hunter.

The Hunter program in total has a value of $10 million and will give priority to support projects that share MDEX’s philosophy. In particular, it will lend support to quality projects of Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, etc. When selecting the funding subjects, the MDEX team will comprehensively consider the applicants’ overall competitiveness, such as on-chain performance, the community infrastructure, innovation and growth potential.

Ecological support for popular projects       

MDEX Foundation launches the brand new Hunter Program to continuously strengthen the business capabilities of the MDEX platform, provide financial support for high-quality projects, and assist project founders to enjoy richer ecological resources and thereby fundamentally promote the development of the entire DeFi ecosystem. In other words, the core objectives of MDEX Foundation are to support the development of blockchain and DeFi, as well as to expand MDEX ecology and manage MDEX resources. It thus features long-term significance for the entire blockchain industry.

The funding scope of MDEX Foundation is rather wide, including, including DeFi, GameFi, NFT, blockchain underlier, ecosystem components as well as other projects that contribute to the long-term development of the decentralized application ecosystem. For the projects who are selected for the funding, MDEX will share ecological resources, provide technical support, market operation resource, and security audit support, etc., to incubate projects in an all-around way.

The Hunter Program will support projects’ ecological development in the following ways: 

  1. Project parties can apply to MDEX, and if the application is approved, MDEX Foundation will inject $50,000 liquidity in the project’s asset pool directly.
  1. If the project selected has the TVL of $ 50 million for 7 consecutive days, MDEX Foundation will inject another $ 150,000 liquidity.
  1. After meeting the above two conditions, if the project’s liquidity exceeds $2 million, its transaction volume exceeds $3 million, and it provides liquidity mining rewards, MDEX will invest another $300,000 liquidity.

A global gathering place for high-quality projects 

In this ecological development Hunter plan, MDEX Foundation expects to attract global high-quality projects to join the ecological construction of the MDEX Foundation, promote a virtuous cycle of ecological development, and jointly realize the construction of a completely decentralized transaction protocol. To achieve these goals, MDEX will create a new business ecology that covers various application scenarios and is deploys on multiple public chains to lower the usage threshold and provide global users with more convenient, high-performance, low-cost and non-discriminatory financial services. In this way, it will realize the ultimate goal of fair pricing of assets, instant settlement of transactions and free value flow.

For more details about MDEX Foundation and Hunter Program, please check MDEX official website at mdex.The communities are cordially welcomed to recommend premium projects or if you are a project founder, self-recommendation is welcomed as well. Please contact us via the email [email protected]

Risk Alert: Projects selected for MDEX’s Hunter Program do not represent Mdex’s assessment or recognition of the investment value or safety of the project. Users need to independently assess the risk of investment and participation to avoid investment loss.

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